Monday, June 11, 2007

Knoxville Nicknames 101

If you are a native Knoxvillian or a long time resident, you are probably already aware of the numerous nicknames attributed to our town, however, if you are a newbie, outsider, or interloper, you may be caught off guard at what some folks call our fair city.

Below is a list and explanation of the most widely used and known nicknames for Knoxville, TN.

* K-town: Probably used the most. Obviously the "K" takes the place of 'Knox' and the "town" takes place of the 'ville.' It's an easy and short nickname used by many folks. Although it's not really unique since any city that begins with a "K" uses the same nickname, it is still my personal favorite. Oh, there is a website also.

* Knox-Vegas: The dumbest of all nicknames for Knoxville. Nothing really unique about it as many, many cities use the same stupid name eg: Nash-Vegas, Taz-Vegas, Ash-Vegas, basically any city with "ville" on the end of it's name will use it. Used mostly by a younger set of people, lots of high school kids and early college kids like to use this nickname, click here for an example.

* Big Orange Country: Since Knoxville is the home to the University of Tennessee, which often uses the moniker "Big Orange Country," naturally folks relate our city to that.

* Vol Country: Although this same nickname can be attributed to the entire state of Tennessee due to the official state nickname "Volunteer State," Vol Country is normally just used in the Knoxville area due to the University of Tennessee being located here. UT's sports programs are referred to as the UT Vols, so naturally, Vol Country fits well.

* Dumpster City: In 1937 Knoxville became the first "dumpster city," due to Knoxvillian George Dempster's invention of the Dempster Dumpster.

* Streaking Capital of the World: In 1974, Walter Cronkite called Knoxville the "Streaking Capital of the World," after more than 5,000 people stripped out of their clothes on Cumberland Avenue.

* Underwear Capital of the World: Knoxville used to be known as the "Underwear Capital of the World," due to the number of textile mills in the area.

* Marble City: In the early 20th century, a number of quarries were active in the city, supplying Tennessee pink marble to much of the country. Notable buildings such as the National Gallery in Washington are constructed of Knoxville marble. You might want to check out a book written by popular Knoxville author, Jack Neely, to find out more information.

* White's Fort: Was actually Knoxville's first name. Named after General James White, one of the first settlers in Knoxville, whom established a settlement where the present day downtown Knoxville sits. The area was renamed Knoxville by territorial governor, William Blount, whom declared it the capital of the Southwest Territory and renamed it in honor of George Washington's Secretary of War, Henry Knox.

If you know of other nicknames for Knoxville, leave a comment and I'll add them to the list!


Anonymous,  September 5, 2014 at 10:24 AM  

Disco city. Due to the great big disco ball left here in 1982 World's fair.

Anonymous,  July 27, 2015 at 11:24 AM  

Scruffy City

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